skyline wall partial crop

Wall panels are available in a variety of configurations. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, and in many cases one length of the panel will span the entire height or width of your building.

Installation is possible in a fraction of the time traditional sheeting, siding, and insulation is installed saving you money on time and labour. Depending on the type of building and the local code requirements, no additional interior paneling is required.


  • Panel Styles

    Flat or Mesa

  • Interior Colours

    Color Regal White

    Regal White

  • Exterior Colours

    Color Regal White

    Regal White

    color sierra tan

    Sierra Tan

    color weathered copper

    Weathered Copper

    color charcoal


  • Premium Exterior Colours

    color forest green

    Forest Green

    color hemlock green

    Hemlock Green

    Premium Colour Hartford Green

    Hartford Green

    color retro red

    Retro Red

    color terra cotta

    Terra Cotta

    color colonial red

    Colonial Red

    Premium Colour Copper Penny

    Copper Penny*

    Premium Colour Dark Bronze

    Dark Bronze

    color bronze


    Premium Colour Mocha


    Premium Colour Champagne Metallic


    color parchment


    color silver metallic


    color weathered zinc

    Weathered Zinc*

    color zinc gray

    Zinc Gray

    Premium Colour Zinc Gray

    Old Zinc Gray

    color old town gray

    Old Town Gray

    color slate gray

    Slate Gray

    color black


    Premium Colour Regal Blue

    Regal Blue

    Premium Colour Twilight Blue

    Twilight Blue

  • Exterior Cladding Gauge

    24 or 26

  • Panel Thickness

    2″ (r value of 15)
    4″ (r value of 30)
    5″ (r value of 37.5)
    6″ (r value of 45)