Installation of Ecospan Profiles panels is extremely simple, and makes it clear how you will save valuable time and resources. These steps describe a condensed installation of our panels. A download of the full installation instructions is available on this page. It is assumed by Ecospan, for the purposes of this condensed installation instruction, that the building will have a properly installed bottom trim and corner trims, as well as caulking sealant beads run along the top, bottom, and corner trims. This condensed guide will explain vertically hung panels.

* This is a partial instruction. The full guide is coming soon. Please email hidden; JavaScript is required with any questions

Ecospan Icon Level 01

Step 1

Hang starter panel in place with level, ensuring a firm seal against the caulking sealant bead on the top, bottom, and back edge.

Installation step 2

Step 2

Fasten to structural supports on the leading edge, ensuring to not over tighten the fastners as to not strip them or to cause deformation of the panel or over compression of the core.

Installation step 3

Step 3

Run a bead of caulking sealant at the top and the bottom of all panel terminations in line with the bead of sealant on the structural support to create a watertight seal for the subsequent panel.

Ecospan Icon Connection 01

Step 4

Bring your next panel into place and connect the bottom corner and slowly and carefully bring the top toward the secured panel. Be careful to ensure the profiles are properly engaged. Keep the panel off of the structural supports to avoid smearing the caulking sealant.

Ecospan Icon Repeat 01

Step 5