Ecospan Profiles was founded in 2017 with years of fabrication experience at the helm. Our sister company, Sofelco Rollforming has been fabricating and supplying valuable products for the construction industry for many years, as well as the construction of pole buildings. With this history and experience we identified a gap locally, as well as an opportunity to serve other markets with insulated panels.

Ecospan interior Ecospan interior

With our background in both the fabrication of other building products, and in construction we have the experience and understanding of our customers to know their requirements. Our mission is to provide excellence of product and service for a wide variety of buildings and customer needs. By focusing on customer needs we are able to create a product that will save money immediately upon installation, and also in the long run with panels available in up to R-50 insulation value.

In an effort to create as much value and cost savings for our customers as possible, all of our sales are direct to customer, saving money through markup and logistics costs.